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This site is an online resource to provide information for new moms to expedite the new parent learning curve.  It's based on real mom experiences with what to expect before and after baby arrives, plus how to make mom life easier with meal prepping, online shopping, activity planning, and more!  Need help? Moms Backing Moms is the answer!  See the summary below for all the must have information for each age category...

What's New?!?
  1. Daily Schedules are now available with sleep routines and activity suggestions (0-3 Months, 4-9 Months, 10-14 Months, 15-24 Months), feel free to provide feedback!

  2. The Infant Section (0-3 Month) is complete!

  3. The Baby Section (4-9 Months) is complete!

  4. The Junior Toddler (10-14 Months) is complete!

  • Essentials: what are the must have items to prepare

  • Hospital Prep: what to pack, when to go, and do a test run!

  • Food Prep: Pack that deep freeze before baby arrives

  • Childcare: When to start preparing, what to look for

  • Nesting: Getting your house in order

0-3 Months
  • Essentials: What are the must have items

  • Daily Schedule: How to transition your baby to night sleep

  • Feeding: When and how much, plus formula guidelines

  • Vaccines: How to prepare and what to expect

  • Tummy Issues: Colic vs acid reflux, tips and tricks

  • C-Section: Healing and what to watch out for

4-9 Months
  • Essentials: What are the must have items

  • Daily Schedule: When to transition to two naps a day

  • Introducing Solids: How, when & remember to offer water!

  • Baby Food: Making and freezing your own & recipes!

  • Teething: How to manage it and start brushing teeth


10-14 Months
  • Essentials: What are the must have items

  • Daily Schedule: When to transition to one nap a day

  • Child Proofing: What and how to child proof

  • Walking: How to encourage first steps  

  • Baby Food: Recipes for snacks and meals

  • Childcare, what to watch out for and how to prep your baby

  • Sickness: How to handle a cold or flu

15-24 Months
  • Essentials: What are the must have items

  • Daily Schedule: What does a daily schedule look like

  • Activities to keep your toddler happy & busy

  • Preschool: What to look for and when to register


Mom Life - Making Your Life Easier!
  • Meal Prep: Family meals that are healthy, delicious, fast, & easy!

  • You Time: Scheduling in time for yourself, from a mental break to a big project

  • Survival Mode: How to get out of survival mode quickly

  • Homemade Cleaning Productions: Safe for your family, and guilt free if your child wants to "help"

Additional Resources
  • Tested useful resources & sites also with concise information

*Note the bullets without links are coming soon topics*

Day Planning

Baby growth chart
Multitasking mom with baby

Fun Activities

how to meal prep
Baby schedule tracking

Lastly, thank you to all the amazing moms I have in my life who have given me countless amounts of advice and inspired me to start this community for others!