Toddler (15 - 24 Months)

  • What have other moms used to care for a toddler?

  • What does a daily schedule look like?

Stay tuned for more information on age specific topics by subscribing on the home page!  Hoping to have all these online in the coming months! Thanks for your patience, to give you a preview the categories are outlined below.

15-24 Mo. Topics will include:

  • Activities keep your toddler busy and encourage early learning

  • How and when to start potty training

  • What to look for in preschool, and when to register

More to come... Thanks for hanging around!

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Thank you for visiting my site!  You will notice there are still a lot of "Coming Soon" pages, since this is still a work in progress.  However, I would rather release pages as I have them ready to try to help who I can in the process... 

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