Baby Daily Routine

When your newborn graduates to a baby sleep should be much easier to achieve.  These are the golden months with multiple naps per day and long stretches at night!  The only hiccup in this routine is getting past the dreaded 4 month sleep regression development phase.  This regression generally happens because babies are now moving into deeper sleep cycles, and if they can't put themselves to sleep they will struggle with achieving more than one sleep cycle during naps and at night.  An average short sleep cycle for a baby is generally 45 minutes.  If you need help moving past this phase remember The Mama Coach is always available, and her material was the foundation for the schedules provided below...

TIP: Babies will naturally progress from three naps to two naps a day when they can handle longer awake periods.  This usually happens around 7 months of age.  Watch for the signs that your baby can endure longer awake periods, for instance they don't seem as tired around lunch, or naps start getting shorter.


Between 4-6 months babies like to explore, this is a great time to get them on an activity mat!  You can also stimulate their senses with songs and games like "peak a boo", the best toy is mom and dad at this age!  See the essentials tab for more examples.

Remember sleep is hard to achieve!


Does this schedule seem impossible to get onto?


Connect with The Mama Coach today if you need help! 

During the Night: At 4 months a healthy baby is capable of sleeping all night (11-12 hours)


Between 7-9 months babies like to get busy, some form of a jolly jumper can be a great way to let your child "play" while you prepare meals and supervise them.  See the essentials tab for more examples.

Carrie, the Mama Coach Founder, says if your baby is healthy once they reach 13 lbs (10-12 weeks old) they are physically capable of sleeping through the night!  Developmentally this can be challenging to get there right out of the gate.  It's easier on both baby and mom to start by keeping a feed, but changing what the feed looks like (i.e. not nursing to sleep).

During the Night: At 7 months a healthy baby is capable of sleeping all night (11-12 hours)