The Essentials: Baby Checklists

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Below are lists of what I deem the "essentials" when caring for a baby that is 4 to 9 months old.  Some are repeats from previous sections, and some are new adds.  This time frame is known as the "sweet spot" for moms, babies are starting to get fun and sleep long hours!  Plus you get to introduce solids, a fun adventure for everyone! 

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NOTE: Everything in the (E) examples tabs are products we've used and loved!  Plus they are all available on Amazon, I became an Amazon Prime member and never looked back... Delivery in less than 2 days means no waiting!

Baby Checklist:

*Items not in previous sections are marked*

Feeding​ - After 6 months, only one new food every 3 days to detect allergies (no strawberries or kiwis)

  • *High chair (make sure there is an insert for smaller kids) (E)

  • *6-8 Baby spoons (E)

  • *Powder formula (E)

  • *Starter cereal (oat and prune is great to also keep them regular) (E)

  • *Sippy cups with soft end (make sure it’s soft…) (E)

  • 8 oz bottles (10-12 bottles, since 4-5 feedings per day) (E)

  • Double electric breast pump (E)

  • Bottle drying rack and scrub brush (E) (E)

  • Glass bottles for freezing and feeding breast milk (E)

  • 10 Cloth bibs (Velcro connector) - babies spit up a lot... 

  • Nursing pillow (E)

  • Strap in bouncy chair with hanging toys (E)


  • *Teethers (teething usually starts around 4 months, Sophie from indigo is a huge hit in our house) (E)

  • *Crib Protector (this one is great, my kid was actually chewing off the crib rail) (E) (E)

Play Time!

  • *Some form of jumper (Baby Einstein is great because it has the most setting for different sizes) (E)

  • *Stack up cups (Great for developing hand-eye coordination) (E)

  • Activity Mat / Play Center (throw a blanket over it and create a fort!) (E)

  • Some toys that you can hang off things like the stroller (E)

Personal Care


Baby’s Room

Diapers and Change Station

  • *Honest company butt wipes for poops (I still used the rags for pees) (E)

  • Portable play pen with change station (E)

  • Changing pad for at home (E)

  • Changing pad covers (E)

  • Bum wipes

  • New born diapers

  • Zinc cream - generic brand, this is to treat diaper rash

  • Vaseline

  • Dog poop bags – these are great for traveling, holding dirty diapers, wipes, or soiled clothes

Clothes and Blankets

Traveling with baby

  • *Baby sun glasses with a strap (roshambo is also super malleable and you can add a strap) (E) (E)

  • *Travel play tent (babymoov is well worth the investment since you can use it inside too!) (E)

  • Baby carrier (I liked the sling and a separate forward facing one) (E)

  • Car seat & stroller combo, this will save you so much time and effort everywhere (E)

  • Diaper bag/backpack with fold out changing pad (E)

  • Stroller UV cover (weather shield) (E)

  • Stroller wind cover (weather shield) (E)

  • Nursing cover (can also be used for the stroller) (E)

  • Snow suit (do not wear in car seat)

  • Pack and Play mattress (check measurements) (E)

Bath Time



These were my essentials, but I'm sure I missed some great things that have worked for others.

What did I miss?