Child Proofing

Child proofing can be seamless if you know what to do and how to prepare.  Most moms learn as they go, there are certain "dangers" in your home that will not be obvious until your baby is on the move.  Below is the list of the essential areas to cover.

This munchkin gate is adjustable for size and fits most stair cases, we love ours!

Baby Gates

When a baby starts crawling the main concern is stairs going down stairs.  Usually it takes them a while to start moving to the upward stairs, but you'll need to baby proof these eventually anyways so why not just do them all at once?  Some parents also put gates to restricted areas like the common area in front of the door, or block hallways.  How many gates you need will be dependent on your home floor plan.

The best gates are pressure mounted (no marks on the walls) and have latches for going in and out.  The cheaper gates generally don't have latches and become more of a pain then anything else.

These gates are great for play rooms and hallways, since they are easy to the configuration.

I would only recommend the cheap plastic gates for a spear to travel or go to grandparents...


The main corners to watch our for are TABLES and SHELVES.  Especially when babies start walking these can be a real hazard!  We also have a fire place, so I put some foam along the wall edge.  I highly recommend the sticky foam, it's super adhesive to all surfaces and doesn't leave any marks when you're done with it.

For the cupboard under the kitchen sink

Kitchen / Cupboards

Kitchens are important to baby proof!  Make sure there is nothing sharp from the counter down, for whatever reason every baby I've ever seen loves rummaging through the kitchen...  And if it keeps them busy then go ahead!

The other big thing to watch out for is cleaning agents under the sink.  Remove anything toxic, like cleaners etc!  And be aware that even dish detergent can be dangerous, so put a lock on the cupboard regardless...

As far as drawers are concerned, my kid was obsessed with opening and closing them and we got a couple finger pinches.  I asked all of my mom friends what they used to baby proof and they all gave me the same answer, "eventually they will learn".  But poor little fingers are so delicate!  I tried a couple different locking protectors, and there's nothing I can really recommend here...  Other than to just watch them closely for the first couple weeks, and eventually they WILL learn.

Don't forget to cover all plugs from the counter down!  Babies are curious and electrocution can be fatal!