The Essentials: Baby Checklists

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Below are lists of what I deem the "essentials" to have before bringing the baby home.  Some of these things had a shorter lived usefulness, while others I was still using after a year...  Personally I could not find a one stop shop anywhere, and I'm still looking for the "must have" baby things!  Feel free to comment below on things you've also found to be essential...

NOTE: Everything in the (E) examples tabs are products we've used and loved!  Plus they are all available on Amazon, I became an Amazon Prime member and never looked back... Delivery in less than 2 days with a new born is the best thing ever!

New Born Checklist:



Personal Care


Baby’s Room

Diapers and Change Station

  • Portable play pen with change station (E)

  • Changing pad for at home (E)

  • Changing pad covers (E)

  • Bum wipes

  • New born diapers

  • Zinc cream - generic brand, this is to treat diaper rash

  • Vaseline

  • Dog poop bags – these are great for traveling, holding dirty diapers, wipes, or soiled clothes

Clothes and Blankets

  • 4 Swaddle blankets (Velcro is a must!) (E)

  • 4 Receiving blankets - you will actually use these for everything (E)

  • 2-3 fuzzy blankets (E) (E)

  • Onesies (or pull overs) 4-5  (E)

  • 1 baby hat - they should always wear a hate for the first 2 weeks of life (E)

  • 1 pair of scratch mittens (E)

  • 3-4 pairs of baby socks, these can also be great for sleeping (E)

Traveling with baby

  • Car seat & stroller combo, this will save you so much time and effort everywhere (E)

  • Diaper bag/backpack with fold out changing pad (E)

  • Stroller UV cover (weather shield) (E)

  • Stroller wind cover (weather shield) (E)

  • Nursing cover (can also be used for the stroller) (E)

  • Snow suit (do not wear in car seat)

  • Pack and Play mattress (check measurements) (E)


Bath Time

Most hospitals will also show you how to bath your baby before you leave, which is more helpful then you would think!



Don't over think it... All parents survive, and if you have to go out and buy things after the baby comes it's not the end of the world...  The hospital also gives you lots of handouts with emergency numbers, feeding instructions, how to get help, etc.


These were my essentials, but I'm sure I missed some great things that have worked for others.

What did I miss?