Junior Toddler Daily Routine

Getting ready for your litte person to start getting busier!  Unfortunately a lot of junior toddlers undergo some type of sleep regression around 12 months.  Sometimes they just don't want to sleep because they're so excited about the world around them and want to keep practicing all their new tricks (like learning to walk).  Like everything it will pass, and in the mean time it's important to try and stick to your schedule.  Children appreciate routine, even though they have a funny way of showing it!  Stability is key to getting through sleep regression.

This is also a common time for parental leave to end...  If you're adapting to a new routine as a working parent do your best to still try and respect a regular bedtime.  It will be easier on everyone and hopefully lead to no bumps in the road regarding night time sleep!  If you need help during this phase remember The Mama Coach is always available, and her material was the foundation for the schedules provided below.

TIP: Babies will naturally progress from two naps to one nap a day when they can handle longer awake periods.  This usually happens around 13 or 14 months of age.  Watch for the signs that your baby can endure longer awake periods, for instance they don't seem as tired in the mornings, or naps start getting shorter.  See the toddler daily routine for one nap daily schedules.

Remember sleep is hard to achieve!  Does this schedule seem impossible to get onto?


Connect with The Mama Coach today if you need help! 


Between 10-14 months babies like to try out their independence!  This is a great time to get them things that they can try on their own, like a personalize chair to have their snack in, or building blocks.  Activity tables are fun and also encourage standing, which will transition into walking... Look out!

See the essentials tab for more examples.

Going Back to Work...

The most difficult part of my motherhood journey was going back to work and leaving my child in the care of someone else.  We had a nanny for the first couple months, while we were waiting to get into daycare, and the sleep transition seemed relatively straight forward since there were no changes to my child's daily schedule.

Then a couple months later we started at daycare.  My daughter was SO excited to play with other children, and really struggled with napping at there.  I always knew she was a light sleeper, but she was back to a 45 minute nap, which I later learned was because she always woke up right around when they would bring snack into the room to start preparing it.  The background noise obviously woke her up and she was so excited to help, she started to forego needed sleep!  This became a real issue since then she would be beyond exhausted in the afternoon when I would pick her up, which would make dinner miserable and short.  Most nights we would have to do bedtime at or before 6 pm, which was heartbreaking because I felt like I had zero quality time with my kid after work.  Then the unthinkable happened... She stopped sleeping through the night, she was up every night like clock work around 2 am frantically screaming.  I called the Mama Coach with a "sleep 911" and she said the behavior was likely from being over tired.

This was difficult to manage, but luckily between taking reduced hours at work and having extended family close by I was able to pull my daughter out of daycare Tuesday and Thursday afternoons to let her take long naps at home.  Within a couple days she was sleeping through the night again.  Remember each milestone is hard to handle, but there's always a solution if you look hard enough!