Mom Life

Finding balance is all about scheduling and grouping activities.  First and foremost meal prep is a great and easy way to get ahead for the week.
Multitasking mom with baby
  • Dinner meal prep once a week for LESS than 45 min!

  • How to schedule in time for you, whether it's a mental break or project...

  • Conquer survival mode and get your life back!

Stay tuned for more information by subscribing on the home page.  Up coming topics include:

  • Dividing to concequr chores

  • The importance of date nights and how to schedule them in

  • What flexible opportunities are available for personal development

  • How to balance going back to work

I'll be the first to say Mom Life is tough! How do you balance time for yourself, whether it be leisure or personal development, along with taking care of your family? I'm still struggling with this, and I think every mom always does. There's a reason they call it Mom Guilt! It's taken me the longest to write this page because this content is the least concrete!

Number one rule I've learned is ask for help. Whether it's for a break to recharge, reaching out to a resource because children are complicated, or seeking advice from a peer. Mom guilt comes in many forms, but in my personal experience you will always feel better once you ask for help! I was able to complete an MBA while having two young children and zero childcare. What I learned from the program was my passion is to help other new mothers ease into motherhood, AND to help mom entrepreneurs grow their businesses! Contact if you'd like help growing your business. Some of the areas I offer services include:

  • Better understanding your business through data review, data analysis, and creating/improving forecasting (this can range from money and finances to sales and operational improvements).

  • Getting found on Google through improved SEO (Search Engine Optimization), this is a really board area that can have a big impact on businesses!

  • Defining and locating customers through target market definition and web based retrieval (Google & Social Media  Ads). I'm available to help long term with this, or set up a business to be self maintaining based on the owners preference.

If you're looking for affordable help taking your business plan or idea to the next level, contact today! Because this mom gig is hard, and at the end of the day Moms need to Back other Moms!