Pregnancy Nesting

Pregnancy nesting generally implies when the mom-to-be gets a burst of energy to start preparing her "nest" before the baby arrives.  It's great to plan ahead and have your home ready before the baby comes home.  This also helps to mentally prepare a new mom for her arrival back home with her baby, which can be very overwhelming for some...

Baby's Room

Lots of parents like to pick themes for their nursery.  We picked safari animals since it was gender neutral, then asked people to follow the theme with all gifts, which was great!  Here's a list of what you need to prepare in your nursery:

  • Crib with firm mattress

  • Only use mesh/breathable bumper pads for small infants!  Small babies breath very shallow and can actually suffocate if bumper pads do not allow for air flow.

  • Fan/heater combo & noise maker

  • Baby monitor

  • Reading light for story time

  • Rocking Chair, with reading books close by

  • Clothes Storage

  • Anchored furniture

  • Black out blinds (this makes a world of difference for sleeping!)

  • Change station (optional)

Command Control

My husband came up with the idea of a command control station, which was brilliant!  This is where we did all diapers, clothes changes, face wipes, kept laundry and lots of storage.  As babies are learning how to sleep, it's helpful to remove them from their room to change their diapers when they wake up.  This makes them think twice about waking up and ensures they are actually ready which also encourages longer sleep patterns!  Plus you do most of your living around this area, so now you don't need to head back to the nursery to change diapers or clothes!

  • If possible arrange your changing station so that you are at your baby's feet.  It's much easier to change a child facing them then side ways, which is the standard design of change tables!  Another reason why the pack and play is great!

  • A fancy diaper garbage isn't required, just make sure the garbage you use closes

Feeding Station

One common mistake of first time parents is to feed their babies in their room.  This can often lead to a sleeping crutch for the baby...  So now when the baby wakes up in the middle of the night they need to feed to get back to sleep!  It's best if you can designate a separate common area for feeding.  Here are some suggestions when setting up your feeding area:

  • Create a calming environment

  • Keep your nursing pillow close by

  • During the day make sure it is bright to encourage baby to stay awake and feed well