The Essentials: Infant Checklists

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Below are lists of what I deem the "essentials" when caring for a new baby in their first few months of life.  Some are repeats from the pre-baby section, and some are new adds.  By 2 months old your baby can see and respond to stimulus, so have some fun interacting with your new little person! Don't forget to leave comments below :)

NOTE: Everything in the (E) examples tabs are products we've used and loved!  Plus they are all available on Amazon, I became an Amazon Prime member and never looked back... Delivery in less than 2 days with a new born is the best thing ever!

New Baby Checklist:

*Items not in the PRE-Baby list are marked*


Play Time!

  • *Activity Mat / Play Center (E)

  • *Some toys that you can hang off things like the stroller (E)

Personal Care


Baby’s Room

Diapers and Change Station

  • Portable play pen with change station (E)

  • Changing pad for at home (E)

  • Changing pad covers (E)

  • Bum wipes

  • New born diapers

  • Zinc cream - generic brand, this is to treat diaper rash

  • Vaseline

  • Dog poop bags – these are great for traveling, holding dirty diapers, wipes, or soiled clothes

Clothes and Blankets

  • 4 Swaddle blankets (Velcro is a must!) (E)

  • 4 Receiving blankets - you will actually use these for everything (E)

  • 2-3 fuzzy blankets (E) (E)

  • Onesies (or pull overs) 4-5  (E)

  • 1 baby hat - they should always wear a hate for the first 2 weeks of life (E)

  • 1 pair of scratch mittens (E)

  • 3-4 pairs of baby socks, these can also be great for sleeping (E)

Traveling with baby

  • *Baby carrier (I liked the sling and a separate rear & forward facing one; it's also nice to try with a baby before purchase) (E)

  • Car seat & stroller combo, this will save you so much time and effort everywhere (E)

  • Diaper bag/backpack with fold out changing pad (E)

  • Stroller UV cover (weather shield) (E)

  • Stroller wind cover (weather shield) (E)

  • Nursing cover (can also be used for the stroller) (E)

  • Snow suit (do not wear in car seat)

  • Pack and Play mattress (check measurements) (E)


Bath Time



These were my essentials, but I'm sure I missed some great things that have worked for others.

What did I miss?