Survival Mode

I've definitely done my time in survival mode on more than one occasion. From starting an MBA with an 8 week old who wasn't sleeping to finishing up an MBA with a second baby who seemed perpetually sick with bad colds and also had lots of trouble sleeping. Anyone who has been there knows it sucks, and can feel their brain slowing down from being so tired and juggling too much at home. My biggest personal advice here is ask for help! Some of the top resources I've found throughout my journey are located on the resource page. Look them up and contact them! They will change your life.


Next, starting making changes where you can... Above all else prioritize sleep, get everyone sleeping. Then everything else gets easier. Next nutrition, then physical activity, then leisure. For the people who are frustrated because you have less time to enjoy with them, or because you are a chronic plan canceler, don't worry. They will still be there when this phase passes. Remember everything is a phase or a season, with small children for better or worse everything passes. Give your self some slack here, try and keep scheduled plans to a minimum. Once I started deciding on daily activities the morning of based on how much we slept the night before my life seemed drastically less complicated and I started enjoying my days more. If you're super tired take your kids for a walk to get outside and go to a local market or food venue to pick up lunch or a snack. If you have more energy plan a last minute trip to the zoo or run some errands. It's so freeing to have less commitments!

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