Toddler Daily Routine

It's amazing how busy a little person can be at this age!  And if you thought you were done with sleep regression think again...  Remember sleep regression happens mainly during developmental milestones and toddlers are learning a LOT at this age.  Thus, it's common for them to hit another stint of sleep regression around 18 months (+/- 2 months).  This can include shorter night sleeps or even boycotting naps!  Just remember a strong schedule will get you through anything... and babies like stability... even though it can seem impossible to keep it at times.  If you need help during this phase remember The Mama Coach is always available, and her material was the foundation for the schedules provided below...

Also recognize losing the morning nap can be hard on baby and mama!  Reorganizing your day to no longer have a morning period to get ready can be hard.  If you can find independent play time in the morning this can help make this transition easier on mom.

TIP: Room temperature is important!  Did you know if your child's sleep environment is too hot it can cause them to have night terrors?  Just something to keep in mind when dressing them for bed and monitoring room temperature.

Remember sleep is hard to achieve!  Does this schedule seem impossible to get onto?


Connect with The Mama Coach today if you need help! 


Between 15 months to 3 years old activities of interest can really vary based on their age.  This is a great time to get your little one to work on independent play!  Puzzles, blocks, or even their favorite books are great things to leave in an ottoman in the middle of the room.  That way they can go pick out toys that interest them, and when cleaned up the room isn't a mess.

See the essentials tab for more examples.