Newborn Tummy Issues

Being brand new is hard!  The body has to go through a lot of changes, and the dreaded newborn tummy issues are a common problem for most moms.  For me personally it was the advice from my girl friends and doctor that got us through the initial dark days.  We had a child that would continuous be hungry, throw up, and then repeat.

Below is information based on our experiences, they are simple tips and tricks to try and alleviate pain and gas.  BUT remember if you are not sure of what to do or concerned for the health of your newborn see your doctor!

Newborn Colic

The definition of colic is simple and open ended...  Baby cries for more than 3 hour interval repeatedly.  Our child was originally said to be "colicky" by numerous guests that visited.  From what I learned, colic is mainly due to gas and bloating, key causes for this in our case were from foods and being over tired.  See the daily schedule page to determine whether your child is getting enough sleep and if they could be over tired.

Food Sensitivities: Broccoli and Onions

When you first bring a new baby home and you're breast feeding it doesn't even cross your mind to review your diet.  My child would get so bloated her belly would almost double in size!  When I talked to my doctor about this she said broccoli and onions are usually the culprit for newborn gas.  When I cut these out the gas vastly reduced within 24 hours.  If you're having problems try cutting them too...  Keep a look out for chilies and stews especially.

Relief From Gas: Tummy Time

Everyone said "pump her legs like she's riding a bike and it will solve everything"... well guess what it did nothing, so stop giving me that advice!  One thing that did help though so putting a pillow on my lap and letting the baby relax/sleep tummy down (under supervision of course!).  Gas will pass, and this pose can offer relief in the early days.  Always remember to help prevent SIDS babies need to sleep on their back, but if monitored so extended tummy time can help that gas move its way out!

​Last But Not Least: Ovol

Talk to your doctor about Ovol, it's over the counter but a lot of moms swear by it... Including me!


These were the main tips and tricks I tried that helped.  Someone also suggested peppermint essential oils...  When I asked my doctor she said to stay away from essential oils in newborns.  Their skin is extremely sensitive and it can burn them it applied directly!

Acid Reflux

This is going to sound ridiculous but doctors are now learning a lot of babies are having acid reflux!  Our baby had it for a the first couple months of life.  For us it was obvious it was acid reflux since she would vomit almost immediate if put on her back after eating and it actually smelled like acid.


Some natural ways to help a newborn cope with acid reflux are:​

  • Keep them upright for at least 30 minutes after feeding

  • Ensure good burping

  • Trying different kinds of food in your diet

If after natural courses you still can't cope with the acid reflux talk to your doctor and they will likely put them on a dose of liquid zantac.  You naturally ween them off of this in a couple months once the acid is under control.  It's important not to stop cold turkey or else you will be back at square one!