Encouraging First Steps

I was so stressed out about how late my daughter started walking.  I went back to work when she was 13 months and still nothing close to walking, while all our baby friends were walking no problem.  Then I came home one day and all of a sudden out of no where, she was walking with the nanny!  Seriously?

I watched what she did and want to share this little tip...  Find something they like to play with, then let them stand and enjoy their toy.  Then stand in front of them, simply take it away and say "come get it"... and boom walking!

If this doesn't work don't stress.  As kids are surrounded by more kids in situations like toddler classes or daycare, they observe others and will walk when they are ready!

first steps

Lastly, make sure your child as supportive footwear, it makes a huge difference!  I've found awesome deals on Champion running shoes for toddlers mainly at Payless.  You also will need to invest in half sizes, because a snug shoes makes walking way easier.  If you can, buy the wide shoes (5 vs 5W) as it gives more room for socks.  We started with size 4W and kept moving up half sizes as needed.